• How To Remove A PC Virus Or Malware Infection

    how to remove virus from pc

    Pc Virus

    One of the greatest catastrophes that any computer user can encounter is a PC malware. A computer virus is a malware database that multiplies itself by placing replicas of itself onto other software packages, files, or the startup area of the hardware. If the virus succeeds in reproducing itself, then that particular area where it has decided to replicate in becomes infected.

    Some of the side effects of the contamination may include; pilfering space in the hard disk, taking up CPU time, gaining admission to personal data, contaminating files among others. The viruses that can infect once PC are countless but they are all malicious and dangerous only difference being the degree of damage they can cause. Below are steps on how to solve this problem.

    There are a number of ways that one can eliminate a virus from their computers and below are some selected few.



    Some viruses are so hard-headed that they cannot be tackled by a typical anti-virus. Some are extremely complex that even the anti-virus cannot detect them but they still go ahead to carry out their malicious deeds to the PC. In such a situation extreme measures have to be taken to remove the virus, and this measure is using the prompt command. Below are steps of how to execute this foolproof counter attack.
    Step 1. Execute the prompt command. To do this go to the startup menu and type cmd in the search slot.


    Step 2. Select the drive that the virus has corrupted for instance drive C, D, or E.


    Step 3. Type attrib-s-h**/s/d then press the ok button.


    Step 4. Type dir, this action will reveal to you what is in the drive.


    Step 5. Go through the contents to see if there is an unfamiliar .exe file, if you find an autorun .inf file, give it another name. By carrying out the above guidelines, one can open the drive safely.


    Step 6. On the startup menu, select my computer and then the specific drive, and then kick out the virus from your PC by deleting it.



    When the computer starts hanging or being sluggish, it could be that the hardware’s are faulty or even worse that the computer has been infected by a virus. Here are some steps on how to eliminate this problem in safe mode. Also, you can remove dns unlocker adware/malware too by using this method.


    Step 1. The First thing is to enter safe mode. Cut off any internet connectivity from the PC to stop the malware from spreading. From there, switch the computer into Microsoft’s safe mode. To execute this, first, switch off the computer and then switch it on. The minute it is turned on, press the F8 key repeatedly. This will present the menu for an advanced startup that has a couple of options. Choose the option that reads “safe mode with networking” then press the enter key.


    Step 2. The next thing to do is erase all the impermanent files. This will create more space in the drives and also hasten the skimming process.


    Now that the PC is in safe mode download a virus scanner and run it to check for malware. The best scanner to use if the computer has been infected is the on-demand scanner first and then after it has analyzed the files, do another full scan using your preferred antivirus.


    Step 3. Carry out a scan with Malwarebytes. Reconnect the PC to the internet and then download, mount and apprise the Malwarebytes. After this disengage it from the internet again and scan.


    Step 4. Execute the setup folder and follow the wizard to mount the Malwarebytes. It will look for appraisers and once you get a text about outdated programs select yes to get updates.


    Step 5. After the database opens, execute a quick scan and if no infections are detected it will send a message with the results of the scan. If any are found, select that specific file and then click the remove selected button to get rid of the corrupted files.


    Step 6. Once this has taken place, the Malwarebytes will open a message that shows the results of the entire process. Go through them carefully to ensure that the malware has been removed from the system completely.


    These are just but two procedure that explains how to remove a PC virus. There are others means that are equally effective. If the virus is adamant and it is always wise to consult a computer technician to avoid damaging it further. Nonetheless, prevention is better than cure; it is advisable always to have the PC protected by installing a nice and effective anti-virus. If you still don’t know how to remove a PC virus, you should consult a professional.


  • How To Make a Printer Wireless?

    How To Make a Printer Wireless?
    How To Make a Printer Wireless?

    If you have a very limited place and the desk space is cluttered then make your workspace maximize with the help of a wireless printer. If you have no wireless printer then it is not a big issue because you can make any printer a wireless printer by following the simple guideline.


    Plug Into a Wireless Print Server

    If there is a USB port on your printer then connect the wireless print server that is a little box which is helpful to join your printer. The benefit of the print server is that there is no need to connect it with the Computer so you can use a PC and print anywhere.

    In the market, there are numerous printers are available in different price range. Before purchasing the print server, make it sure that the print server you are going to purchase is attuned with your printer. During the arrangement, connect the printer into the print server and join that to the router with the help of an Ethernet cable. In the meantime, install a software on the PC and build up the connection.


    Share your printer with other Computers in your home or workplace

    If there are multiple PCs that are sharing the same printer, for instance, in an office or any institute, it is a very cost-effective mechanism to make a wireless printer by joining it to the host computer that is linked to the Control Panel in Windows and allow the printer to share it on the network. Though you do not have to spend on this process but there is a limitation associated with this process, if the host computer is turned off then the other computers are not able to use the printer without the host computer.


    Buy a Bluetooth Adapter

    There are many companies that are selling the additional Bluetooth adapter and it is not necessary that it is useful with the model you are using at present. The Bluetooth provides you a huge benefit when you have no internet connection then it is the best option for you.

    You can transfer files and images to the printer through this service. Moreover, if your phone is not able to connect with the Wi-Fi then Bluetooth is a convenient way to resolve the issue. Though the Bluetooth is a somewhat older tool but still in use and many laptops have also Bluetooth service. Bluetooth tool is different in respect of range in different devices like the old version is 1.1 or 1.2 that is about 10 meters distance.

    The notebook’s range is 2.0 or 2.1 which is 100 meters distance which is far better than the older version. The longer range provides you more flexibility to use the printer or laptop.

    Now you can use your wireless printer anywhere you want. It not only convenient to use but also facilitates you by providing a plenty of space so you can work in a well-organized environment that is free of any unwanted stuff.

  • Best Deep Tissue Massage Technique to Get Rid of Pain


    We are providing outclass tips to relief pain

    Deep tissue massage is a technique which is useful on the deep layers of muscle tissue. It brings back the balanced upright pose and reduces pain signs. It also breaks the scar muscle adhesion and your range of movement get better.

    People who are suffering from chronic aches and pain must go for deep tissue massage. It also works for leg muscle tightness, upper back, sore shoulders, stiff neck, and low back pain. In this technique, some of the strokes are similar as those used in conventional massage therapy while in deep tissue massage you need to slower the movement and the pressure is applied in a deep manner. In this method, the concentration is only given to the areas of tension and pain to contact the sub-layer of the muscles and the fascia.

    What type of techniques are applied?

    • The patients who are suffering from chronic muscle tension or injury have adhesions (commonly known as bands of painful or rigid tissues) in ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The circulation is interrupted by adhesions which cause pain, bound the movement and also cause tenderness.
    • The principle of deep tissue massage is to actually break these adhesions to lessen pain and re-establish the regular movement.
    • The requirement for the deep tissue massage includes massage oil and direct deep pressure. Deeper musculature is useful to relax the muscles.

    Deep tissue massage hurts

    Many people feel pain or discomfort during the massage. It is essential to let your therapist aware of any pain or tenderness you experience outside your ease. After a deep tissue massage, there is a little pain is felt by some people, but that should settle within one or two days, otherwise consult with your therapist and let him know about your condition.

    Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Technique

    If you are facing problems regarding muscle pain, injury rehabilitation, etc., then you can get multiple benefits after having the massage such as you can get relief from

    • Lower back pain
    • Postural problems
    • Limited mobility
    • Sciatica
    • Chronic pain
    • Injuries get better
    • Muscle spasm
    • Tennis elbow
    • Piriformis syndrome
    • Fibromyalgia

    The majority of the people observes the better movement instantly after the massage.

    What can I anticipate during the appointment?

    In deep tissue massage, the therapist may use knuckles, forearms, fingertips, elbow, and hands. Don’t expect lighter pressure in it as pressure is little stronger as compared to a usual massage.

    Safety measures

    • Deep tissue massage is not available for everyone out there. People who have issues mentioned below should keep themselves away from such massage.
    • Patients of thrombophlebitis must not take the massage as there is a possibility of becoming dislodged. Do concern with your physician before getting the massage
    • People with the latest chemotherapy, surgery, radiation or any other related medical process, then it is better to consult the doctor before any massage therapy.